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Relationship Expectations Instructions

For an overview of the purpose and usage of the Relationship Expectations tool, Click Here.

To begin, enter a new Partner ID by entering BOTH a Relationship ID and a Partner ID and clicking on the “Create New ID” button in the blue control box. Write down your Relationship ID and Partner ID so that you can change or print or display your answers later. THERE IS NO WAY TO RETRIEVE YOUR IDs IF YOU FORGET THEM. You will have to start over.

Once you have created a Partner ID, you will see a table of relationship expectation categories where you can change your expectation rating for each category. Be sure to click on the “Update Current Changes” button when you are done.

By creating two Partner IDs with the same Relationship ID, you can see them side by side by clicking on the “Display All Partners” button in the blue control box. If you want to be able to do a side-by-side comparison, you and your partner must BOTH use the SAME Relationship ID.

NOTHING YOU STORE HERE IS SECURE! The Relationship ID and Partner ID are like a combination of username and password, but they are not stored on the website in encrypted form, so they are vulnerable to hackers. So… Don’t enter any identifying information. I suggest you don’t enter your last name for the Relationship ID, although that seems like the obvious thing to do if you are a married couple who wants to look at your answers side by side. Make up a “team” name instead.

Entries are case sensitive: “Fred” is different from “fred”. Spaces are not allowed in IDs.

The top box containing the Relationship ID and Partner ID fields are the only places you can enter those pieces of information, either to create records or display them. If you enter a Relationship ID and Partner ID that already exist and click on the “Create New ID” button in the blue control box, the program will tell you it is already in the database and make you try again.

You can only edit your answers when you display only one partner column. When you display all partner columns for a particular Relationship ID, none of the answers in the partner columns will be modifiable. To edit the answers for an existing Partner ID, enter the Relationship ID and Partner ID and click on the the “Display One Partner” button in the blue control box. Be sure to click on “Update Current Changes” when you are done, or your changes will be lost.

There are 5 possible ratings for each category, low to high. Using all 5 ratings will give you more accuracy of answers, but using only High, Medium, and Low will make the result more visually easy to view, so it may be best to try that first.

Go here for instructions about printing your results.